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I heard many people always argue with each other about the negative and positive for Attention Deficit Disorder Treatment. I do understand their consideration. In west, most of the ADD patients choose to use drugs to control their symptoms. The drugs treatment is more effective. My opinion, I will use Alternative Treatment. It is more natural and no harm. Most of the alternative treatment is using exercise, training and natural things to heal the disease. We know the drugs will bring a lot of bad side effect to us. Example of drugs treatment for ADD bad side effect is drugs addictive, no appetite to eat, emotional and mental problem, blur vision and much more. I do not like to see or feel this bad side effect happen on me. So I decided to use Alternative Treatment. Yes, it might slow to manage our ADD symptoms but it does not have bad side effect. What I always said is, we are trying to solve the problems and not bringing other problem into our life. We are taking treatment because the ADD symptoms had already effect our social, work and communication life. We would like to manage it and cure it. Why not we just treat it slowly and not to suffer ourselves? If you’re thinking the same way, you can try the following alternative treatment to manage your ADD.


Alternative Treatment for ADD

Games Treatment Games Treatment for ADD had been proven by scientist. Some indoor games such as video games, puzzle, and chess can help to train their brain to focus on a task. Outdoor games such as soccer, badminton, running and hiking can help to release their energy. It is very suitable for ADD kids. Diet Treatment Nowadays, a lot of Attention Deficit Disorder parents like to have a diet treatment for their kids. It is because they know it do really works. Most of the ADD kids have food allergic. They need to avoid sugars and carbohydrate in their daily meal. It is not very efficiency but after a month, they will feel better because their symptoms had been reduced. Neuro Acupuncture Treatment Neuro Acupuncture Treatment is a traditional treatment from China. Using fine needle insert into scalp to flow the energy in the brain. This treatment could help to balance the brain energy. Chinese Physician believe when the energy in our body are running too fast, blocked, or too slow to flow, human will get sick. Chinese Physician punctures specific point on our body to stimulate the energy. The energy will flow in our body to treat the disease. Neuro Acupuncture for Attention Deficit Disorder can help the patient to reduce the symptoms.

Alternative Medicine

If you willing to take medicine but do not want to take Ritalin, you can try Traditional Chinese Herbal. In Ben Chao Gang Mu (本草纲目), had listed out Chinese Medicine had included plants, animal, insect and mineral can be a very effective medicine to cure disease. Traditional Chinese Medicine is in dry type. Dried Chinese Medicine is easy to keep for long period.  The patients have to decoct it themselves so they can drink the medicine. Due to some of the people may not know how to or cannot decoct the raw herbal, Chinese Physician had provided Chinese Patent Medicine and granular or powdered form for their patient. I had met Chinese Master. He had treated many of ADD kids and adults. He understands the parents who have kids with ADD or ADHD. The kids always hard to stay still and do not like to drink the medicine because the medicine is too bitter to them. Parent hard to feed the medicine for their ADD kids. Due to this reason, Chinese Master blended the dry herbal become powder. He called it Brain Powder. ADD Brain Powder effective as Chinese Herbal Medicine. Parents can mix the Brain Powder into the food or any liquid for their kids. Brain Powder is using a different and effective herbal formula to treat the ADD. ADD herbal formula that Chinese Master provided to patient is special created by Chinese Master. NOTE: Attention Deficit Disorder could not be cure at this moment. All of the treatment and medicine can only help to improve symptoms.


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